Mindset Over Matter

Hi ladies- Below is an invite that is sponsored by Raymond James. It is a wonderful opportunity to attend an event with a great speaker. This area is something that we at Longevity Wealth always work to improve upon and I am quite certain we are not the only ones.

We hope your able to attend!

Live on and live well- Kelli!

This event will make you think differently about how to optimize your focus, creativity and resilience. We’ll go beyond basic time management skills, productivity hacks and stress management tips.

The research-based approach of Lifestyle Focus founder and president Gail Miniutti-Parsons, B.A., M.S., will help you understand the keys to personal energy renewal and how it relates to your physical, emotional, intellectual and relational well-being.

Join us for a live and interactive discussion that:

  • Explores the science of energy renewal at the personal and professional level
  • Challenges long-held beliefs about productivity and time management
  • Helps you conduct a self-assessment to determine “How Resilient Are You?” and why it matters
  • Teaches you how to wisely invest your energy and create a personal energy plan to recharge your batteries
  • Explores how resiliency helps build your personal strengths, improve your relationships and foster mental toughness in today’s complex world