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COVID-19 Scams

Important Message To All:

Attached is a link to an effective video, helping all to understand how we are scammed, spoofed and important information criminally compromised.  Raymond James has brought together 3 tenured and caring minds to share this information with us. I urge you all to take the 40 minutes to watch then share.

This does not only effect vulnerable adults!  In the recent past I have had clients, and several others, young and still working, affected.  These criminals are smart, and it is our responsibility to understand how they do their job. This video will bring you up to speed on a multitude of current scams along with the prevention of such.

I encourage you to share with those you care about. Do not assume we are “smarter than the criminals”. They work hard at their craft!

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Kelli Young

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Longevity Wealth Shares CNBC Article


Follow these 5 money rules while you’re still young—or ‘regret it later in life,’ says finance expert

Published Mon, Jul 6 202012:21 PM EDT

Morgan Housel, Contributor@MORGANHOUSEL

Personal finance hacks are not easy because shortcuts rarely exist. Rewards take time and effort. The personal finance industry — filled with advice that sounds and feels good, but doesn’t actually move the needle — needs to recognize this. 

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Landscaping…. A Work In Progress

Our office is getting a face-lift!

Now that we have all of you, our clients settled, we have begun internal discussions of how to best serve you, make our office a welcoming place to meet, and updates to the outdoor and parking areas.  (see progress pictures).

As many of you know and have experienced through financial planning, updating, altering, and readjusting is all part of a good plan.  We have enjoyed you all being part of “our” plan, and will continue to share updates.

Please take advantage of your remaining peaceful days!



Longevity Wealth Opening Day

APRIL 20, 2020

Planning comes in all shapes and sizes.  I believe that a good plan coupled with belief in yourself creates a high rate of success.

Longevity Wealth was formed over years of planning and wanting the best for my clients.  Many asked me why I would undertake such a big move in opening my own firm, during a pandemic and economic crisis. My answer is…   this has been part of a long-term business plan.

I have clients question their own plan.  My response to them is the same. I believe the most successful transitions happen with a long-term plan that is carefully executed with a good coach.  Plans are not without a few bumps, but ultimately most successes may be defined by persistence through difficult times, with a strong layer of research, morals, and values.

Thank you for all of you who have been with me and supported me through my plan and ultimate transition. The execution will continue as my desire for continued growth and improvement in the level of service I provide carries on.

Do not hesitate to create new plans for yourself and as always, my favorite clients are those just like you- thank you for referring others to Longevity Wealth!


Founder, Financial Planner


You’re Invited!

To Join Us for a Retirement Webinar
Tuesday, May 19th @ 10:30

We invite you to join this Webinar. It is full of good content designed to help us rethink retirement in stages…instead of an event.

Instructions on how to attend listed on the invite.

– Longevity Wealth

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Golden State Press Release

We at Longevity Wealth are so glad to be part of Golden States’ wonderful family of companies!

Download the press release here:

Golden State Adds Another in the Evergreen State: Welcome Kelli Young of Longevity Wealth in North Bend, WA