How do you know if you would benefit by working with Longevity Wealth?

Our clients come to us with all sorts of questions…. 

  • How can I get to retirement when I am already struggling to save now?  
  • My spouse and I are not agreeing on spending, let alone a budget.
  • I feel I am doing my best and continuing to save, but the closer I get to retirement, the more I second guess myself and mistakes can be so costly now.
  • It looks like my child may end up going to an expensive college and we have not saved much…
  • I have little idea of how my 401k is invested. I feel like I should understand these things better but….
  • We’re not confident enough in our own financial future let alone if we can give to family or charities that we believe in.

I have heard many questions, and most are quite solvable. Few of us learn financial literacy at a young age, if ever.  I look to apply my intuitive listing skills and problem solving through facts and deductive reasoning. Good intuition comes from years of knowledge and experience. My 30 years of leading balanced interviews shows in my work.

Longevity Wealth seeks to learn about you, educate you and work with you to develop goal-based solutions to your concerns.

How do I start?

Working with Longevity Wealth begins with a phone call or email. We want to know some basic information including any questions you may have or problems that need to be solved.  We will then schedule a complimentary review to gain a better understanding of what is important to you.  This includes goals and objectives; concerns; and an overall discussion with feedback on how/or if it is best to proceed. Complimentary consultations typically last between 60-90 minutes.

Options for working with Longevity Wealth:  

As your Financial Planning Team:

We plan for you and about you!  Working with a financial planner is a different experience than working with an investment advisor. Financial planners examine multiple factors and considerations, while working in tandem with your goals. Your goals often evolve over time and it is common to hear phrases such as… “I don’t worry like I used to”, or “I am so much more confident in our, or my, future”. 

As your Investment Advisor: 

We appreciate and understand the changing landscape in investment advice. We chose our partnership with Golden State Equity Partners (GSEP) carefully in order to fulfill a wide range of client objectives. It is important that clients pay no more than the value received so Longevity Wealth employs varied strategies dependent on each client’s goals. This allows us to remain extremely competitive.