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Personalization through Exploration

Side by Side. Step by Step.

Planning for financial wellness can be a long and arduous journey. As a trusted partner, our primary objective is to simplify and guide you to, through and beyond retirement. We’re with you side by side, walking you through your financial journey step by step.

With communication and collaboration as the cornerstone of our process, we begin by uncovering your current circumstances and developing a deep understanding of your goals. From there, you will receive a tailored and strategic financial road map that will define the tasks and milestones needed to achieve your financial objectives.

We have found our greatest sense of success when specializing in partnerships with clients who share these attributes:

  • Hard working and often within 20 years of career onset
  • May be considering having a child or have young children
  • Currently saving for retirement with less than $750,000 in investable assets
  • Own a home and may want a significant remodel soon
  • Often want to purchase a second home, start a new business or take extended time off
  • Are considering a job change or career pivot early in life
  • Have worked with other professionals and/or willing to collaborate with outside professionals
  • Hard working and within 20 years of retirement
  • Currently saving for retirement and often a separate investment account for other goals of a minimum value of $750,000
  • Need to manage wealth for retirement and other goals
  • Own a home with approximate equity of 50% of home’s current value
  • Sometimes own one or more vacation homes or rental properties
  • Understand longevity risk and the need to mitigate it
  • Ready to visualize your legacy strategies

Your Financial Strategy. Personalized.

The best part of our business is being able to get to know our clients better.  30 years of industry know-how allows us to hold balanced interviews that lead us to a comprehensive understanding of your financial well-being and condition.  As a Fiduciary, we take the time to explore the ins and outs of your current life circumstances, financial position, preferences and goals because this is a critical step in being able to craft and personalize your wealth management strategy.   

How to Start.

Working with Longevity Wealth begins with a simple Introductory Call where you’ll answer some questions and describe any issues that need to be resolved. If we believe we are a good fit, we will then schedule a complimentary Exploratory Meeting (approximately 90 minutes) to review your situation and gain a better understanding of what is important to you. Exploring your goals, concerns and issues will help to clarify your financial picture and allow us to determine how best to proceed.

Are you ready for a strategic financial plan customized just for you?