From the Desk of Kelli...

From the Desk of Kelli…

The work I do is hard!

I am currently enrolled in a class and found the below information in the course content. It struck a chord as I often find it difficult to explain to prospective clients the risk posed in self-managing or poorly managing wealth during the “decumulation period”.

Are you setting yourself up for a successful and quite often LONG retirement? Are you, or your current professional prepared to get you most efficiently to and through this transition – as soon as possible?

Retirement Planning vs. Retirement Income Planning*

• The traditional focus of Retirement Planning is the accumulation of wealth during one’s working years to support a desired lifestyle in one’s retirement years. This period is known as the “accumulation period.”

• Retirement Income Planning is a recently developed “art.” The financial services professional assists the client in devising a plan to effectively use accumulated retirement assets over a potentially multi-decade postretirement period. This period is known as the “decumulation period.”

The knowledge base required to engage in retirement income planning is diverse and comprehensive. Most financial services professionals associate with other professionals to be able to properly serve their clients in this important area.

*American College of Financial Services

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