From the Desk of Kelli...

From the Desk Of Kelli…

Sometimes You Just Have to Get on The Floor!

There are so many things I SHOULD be doing that I don’t. Every day I receive reminders of these through my different morning readings and if allowed could really drag me down and reinforce my negative self-talk. Today was no different but the reminder was my aching back. I debriefed with Chantal this morning about our workday including all the things I should be doing to take care of my health/body (a regular conversation in the office). I decided, after logging into my 6 different software platforms I use, that I would Google lower back exercises and that took me to the floor. Chantal came over after hearing noises that are aren’t typical from my office and said she should take a picture… she’s often my encourager to share my crazy thoughts (thank you partner). 

The series of 8 stretches allowed me to breath and think differently….

Are you taking time to “get on the floor” and take a few minutes to breath and think?  Are you ignoring your aching back or other aching concerns? I last wrote about “The Work I Do Is Hard”, however obtaining help for the work you need to be done is even harder. Hiring someone, or just taking a few minutes for a self-help check is important-not just for finances.

The stretches I just completed were wonderful- for several reasons.

Live on and Live Well!


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