From the Desk of Kelli...

From the Desk of Kelli…

My Grandfather’s Hidden Treasure and a New Picture

Our office just hung a new piece of art from a local artist. It’s a photograph taken by his grandson when he was 13. It’s a lovely picture taken in the Olympic National Park, peering through several large cedars along a rocky river.

I had a few minutes to talk to the grandfather of the young artist. I thanked him for sharing his talents with his young grandson who has developed quite the eye. What a wonderful way to share something he loves with a young person; something that doesn’t include the pressures of society and allows the mind to take a breath and heal. The grandfather, Mark Barry, says he talks to young people (while at fairs selling his photography) who wish they had more support to develop their talents and hobbies.

This reminded me of walks in my grandfather’s garden. After my grandfather passed, I asked if I could have a beautiful rock that he kept on the kitchen table. This is where he ate his meals and drank his coffee every day. I was thankful my wish was granted and placed the rock in my purse for safe keeping. My husband and I then walked in the garden; the same garden that he spent hours tending too and that helped to feed his family of seven. His house was sold so I was taking my time to reminisce about the potatoes and onions we harvested along with the grapes and tomatoes we picked. I looked down and found a pile of rocks. Beautiful rocks that were placed with care around the garden. I realized he too, like me, loved rocks- who knew? With my husband’s help, I collected a few handfuls of the rocks and thought “I wish we could have shared our hobby with each other!”

I too love collecting rocks wherever I go. Now, I often wonder where he collected his and why he was drawn to them. I wish I could have shared this with him while he was still alive and wonder how many other grandparents and parents aren’t taking the time to share hobbies with those that need them the most.

Our children are under so much pressure to perform and succeed- but are they spending time with family members that won’t judge and instead share something… like art- that doesn’t have grades or a dollar-sign attached? I plan to take time to think on this. I have a new granddaughter, Skye Leimomi Kumiko Young, born September 17th and hope to share my love of rocks, gardening, and beach walks with her.

Kelli holding baby Skye

I will also continue to work hard to help you. To help you take pressure off your finances and long-term planning, so you have the time to share with young people ALL your talents and hobbies. Because, what’s most important is taking the time for breathing AND healing!

Live on and Live well!


Great Grandpa holding baby Skye with the proud dad

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