Events From the Desk of Kelli...

From the Desk of Kelli…

Last fall I travelled across the country to visit clients which either had moved out of the area or I had never had the chance to meet yet. One morning, after a beautiful hike, I stumbled across a small town in Illinois. As I walked the few short blocks, I came across a tattoo parlor that offered a gumball machine of tattoo art. You paid $100, then turned the machine which produced a surprise tattoo.

I laughed out loud at how funny this was! It caused me to consider what type of person would even do this? I then reflected at how my days are filled with pre-planned events and organized lists. My weekends provide more free time, but there are never enough adventurous or spontaneous outings.

I’m assuming that I am not the only one who lives a “planned” life and so arrived the LONGEVITY WEALTH GUMBALL CHALLENGE.  No permanent ink or needles will be used in this challenge, however there is the important element of surprise, which needs to be embraced by those choosing to participate.


WHAT: Longevity Wealth Gumball Challenge

DETAILS: You will receive a jar containing some prefilled gumballs with outings detailed on each one. Each week, for 4 weeks, you will draw a gumball. Each gumball will outline your adventure for that day. Each adventure will take up to 4 hours and should not cost you more than $25 per person. The goal is to be a tourist in your own surroundings and each gumball jar will be tailored to your area.

WHEN: The month of March. Commit to 4 hours a week (for example every Sunday), but the day does not matter, you can choose whatever day works best for you.

RSVP: We need your reply no later than Tuesday, January 31st, so we can customize your gumball jar. Please also let us know if anyone will be joining you for this challenge. Family and friends are welcome.  Email or call with any questions.

More details will arrive with your customized jar of gumballs.

I dare you to enjoy this event with our families.

Live On and Live Well!