From The Desk Of Kelli…

Good morning!

My Business Partner Chantal, AKA “Rock Star”, sent me a message last week about a wonderful opportunity to volunteer, from the safety of your home.  This opportunity caused me to take a pause, letting my mind wander about the gratitude I have for those in all sorts of Long-Term Care facilities. My appreciation is for the path they paved, and the kindness and wisdom they are now able to share because of it…

My ask of you is to turn off the remote and put down your phones for 30 minutes to write to someone who can use encouragement. Pull an extra note card out of your drawer and share a few words.  All the info on how to is in the below link.

Some of you may remember me making flower arrangement for residents in a local nursing facility last March. I did this again for Valentines Day and included a special note of kindness with each. Each card I signed brought me happiness knowing the recipient will feel that his/her life is valued and appreciated!

With great kindness!