From the Desk of Kelli...

From the Desk of Kelli…

How often are you bored?

I was aimlessly phone surfing, while waiting for a ferry, earlier this summer. I came across an article titled “The Secret Power of Boredom” by Sydney Baker. It discusses why we find boredom so uncomfortable and the many benefits boredom provides us. It struck a nerve with me because I have diligently, even while owning a business, made time for aimless thoughts. Although it seems to become increasingly difficult, the article reminded me of the many benefits that I have come to rely on. I urge you to read her wonderful article and find time to be bored. Doing so has kept me creative and more energetic, not only for me but for you – my clients.

The Secret Power of Boredom

Live on and live well!

Kelli, your making time to be bored, Financial Planner : )