From the Desk of Kelli...

From the Desk of Kelli…

The importance of a card, both receiving and giving

Earlier this year, I wrote about cards and how much a simple note can mean to those isolated. I have had the incredible opportunity to work with individuals and families for over 30 years and truly understand the importance of connection throughout our lives.

We can all look back to periods of our lives where we struggled financially or emotionally. For me personally, it was when our boys were quite young, and Terry lost his job after 9/11. We made it through stronger than ever but, there were a few years while rebooting and rebuilding where spending on extras was little to non-existent.  I found it difficult to go on vacation with others and wander through shops, watching others seemingly buy at whim. It was during these years that I discovered the joy of greeting cards. I could go into many shops and find a display of beautiful cards, often hand created by a local artist. For a few dollars, I would find one that caught my attention to bring home while supporting a local community. This changed my time traveling and I began looking forward to the shops where I could see what local artists were up to and important recreational/visitor sites where we were visiting, through their work. Once home, I was then able to write a note and send off to someone meaningful in my life, someone I needed to thank, or someone going through a difficult time.  I was also inspired to make a few of my own here and there.

My love of cards has not faded. I still hunt for cards wherever I go, still ordering some of my favorites from an artist in Paris. This month, I am hosting a card making event. I am no “artist” or “scrapbooking genius”, however I love to create and wanted to share a fun hour with those interested. Chantal and I will be making cards for a local nursing home, and I am sure those in attendance will have no problem opening their address books for well-deserved recipients.

If you want to hear more about this event on October 21 @ 7:00pm PST, please reach Chantal at for a copy of our invite. We will be sending all supplies necessary so all you need is a good attitude and an hour! RSVP by 10/11/21.

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