From the Desk of Kelli...

From the Desk of Kelli…

Recent Event to Brainstorm, Share and Learn

In Mid-September I attended a long-awaited event with Golden State. They are a fantastic company I chose to partner with in my future business endeavors. They are forward thinking and incredibly supportive. They are the behind-the-scenes folks that allow me to work hard for you, without many hiccups.

The 2021 Advisor Symposium was held in southern California’s Newport Beach. Great measures were taken to keep us and others safe, including covid testing upon arrival and after return. Although attendance is always voluntary, I wanted to learn from others and share ideas. I was asked to fly down early to be part of the inaugural “Atlas group”. Golden State formed this group from industry influencers that possess unique attributes and demonstrate exceptional commitment to clients- so flattering for me and Longevity Wealth!

Enough of that. What’s most important is that we continue to stretch our minds and offerings to you, our clients. This trimester I am introducing an interesting website to my clients called Amava. It’s designed to share articles and opportunities to us as we redefine ourselves post family/careers. I also encourage you to expand your mind in other areas: Maybe try a new hobby; read a different “style” of book or engage in a new activity.

I can guarantee that we at Longevity Wealth will continue to learn, adapt, and work for you.

Live On and Live Well!


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