From the Desk of Kelli…

What’s Behind Kelli’s Black Eye?

So, you ask?  Well, on a recent weekend I fell at our beach home.  I’d like to tell you a great story, but I fell getting into the bathtub. It’s a 40-year-old home and although we are planning a big remodel, AND I thought a temporary fix to the bathtub being slippery was a good suction mat, I was wrong.

I tell you because I am human. We all make mistakes that offer an opportunity for reflection (and correction). I hope this note does just that. I am NOT OLD, but this incident reminds me of a study I have used in my presentation for many years “How Old is Old?”. It asked people from all age groups the question “how old is old”? You can guess the answer is NEVER. Participants pushed answers back 10-20 years regardless of how old their birth certificates reflect.

For this reason, I offer some advice: Begin to act now on what will most certainly come later- at the most unexpected times.  We are human, whether our “conditions” show outwardly, like my black eye or, a physical impairment or, they are diagnoses’ that we carry inwardly, where we often conceal from others.

My work as a Financial Planner gives me the opportunity to keep my clients safe from financial devastation, giving you the best chance at success. We at Longevity Wealth are also hard at work to ensure your surroundings and transition to a less independent life is the best it can possibly be. Our website at Longevity Wealth offers a Longevity Planning page. Here you can find resources that offer advice if acted on, can ensure you stay safe for whatever stage we are in and regardless of how old we really are. November is Caregiving Month and for those of you working with me, I hope you realize that the hard questions I ask of you NOW will not only help you, but those around you.

This weekend we will be installing non-slip stickers and grab bars in all bathrooms because, although we are Not Old, we are human, and all want the same thing: To live a long and independent life!

Live on and Live Well!


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