From the Desk of Kelli...

From the Desk of Kelli….

Arrange Flowers with Me!

Hi there!

A hobby of mine is gardening and flowers. It is rare to not see fresh flowers in my home and even more rare that I show up at a home without a vase filled with flowers. This hobby has always been a fun one for me and I was able to hone my craft when asked to support my sister’s wedding flower business many years ago‐ so much fun! I was taught the basics of arranging and soon realized there are quite a few things that really make a difference in the result.

I am often asked how to do this so, with my increased expertise with zoom (ha!), I will be holding a quick class for all interested next week.

Please request Zoom instructions from Chantal:

Wednesday, February 10th @ 4:30 – 5:30PM

We learn best with hands‐on learning, so I encourage you to gather a few things to make the most of this event. You will be rewarded with fresh flowers and hopefully a little new knowledge to take with you.

  1. Kitchen shears or garden clippers
  2. Vase (medium or large‐ any height)
  3. Fresh flower bouquet from the store: You have 2 options.
    1. Choose a premade bouquet package that we will remake (I always com‐ pletely remake these if only option)
    2. Or, choose 3 separate flower packages: Two flower choices of your liking and mixed greens for filler (unless you want to cut from you yard).

Wine or cocktail optional

It’s not necessary to work alongside me, but its sure fun! You’re welcome to in‐ vite friends and family as well‐ just send Chantal names/emails of anyone who you would like the zoom instructions sent to.

Looking forward to it and MASKS NOT REQUIRED!