Financial Planning: 

Longevity Wealth follows a detailed process that seeks to ensure a high degree of accuracy. This process includes an independent review of every plan created by Kelli because plans are only as good as the work put into them. We want the best for our clients and their families; however, we give recommendations based on facts and experience that is in the best interest of our clients. Longevity Wealth’s planning team follows the mantra: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Our clients that engage in financial planning, enjoy access to financial technology enabling them to track expenses, review plan outcomes and store secure documents.

Wealth Management:

Longevity Wealth operates with a sound investment policy, based on fundamentals. We partner with deep research teams; Golden State Asset Management (GSAM) and with our custodian Raymond James. Whether you are just starting out; growing your nest egg with an eye towards retirement, needing legacy planning or already in retirement and onto your next adventure requiring complex withdrawal strategies, Longevity Wealth employs numerous strategies to support your mission and goals.

Risk Solutions:

At Longevity Wealth, recommendations are based on a risk vs. reward assessment approach. If it is determined that any move presents a greater risk than our clients are willing to carry, mitigation takes place. This can involve, partners in areas of insurance, tax or legal, along with additional factors that can arise when creating a Longevity Plan.

Longevity Planning:

There are few stages of our life that are more complicated that the fragility of aging. Kelli has more than three decades of experience preparing longevity plans then walking beside clients through this stage.  We seek to solve tough challenges for our clients and longevity creates a factory of evolving issues.  Empathy plays a role here, but we believe the real advantage you have in working with us is insight.  We know the road ahead and have made this trip before with other clients.