Longevity Planning

Planning for Longevity, Not Just Retirement 

Technological and medical advancements have increased the average life span substantially.  As people live longer, they will spend even more time in retirement. Not only do we need to plan for retirement, but this new reality necessitates a well-constructed yet flexible longevity plan that will last a (longer) lifetime.

Your Partner.  Every Step of the Way.

Armed with insight and a valuable expertise, Longevity Wealth has over 30 years of experience and is well-versed in how to partner with you as you navigate the often-complicated and ever-changing path of longevity planning. 

Our Longevity Planning Approach

Making sure you have the necessities to maintain a good quality of life throughout your entire retirement is our top priority.  With our carefully curated process, we are able to accomplish this by customizing your planning experience with a personal and collaborative approach. To craft a longevity plan that’s personalized to your particular circumstances, we employ a comprehensive and deliberate analysis of several key areas of consideration: 

As one of your largest retirement expenses, longevity planning requires an in-depth discussion of all your housing options. Where will you live? Will you age in the comfort of your own home and make adjustments when the time comes, move into a senior living residence or live with your children? There are numerous possibilities to consider including, but not limited to:  home sharing, downsizing, relocating, renting, continuing care retirement communities, or assisted living.  

Longevity Wealth will help identify your needs and preferences along with how they may evolve over time.  

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One of the major concerns for every pre-retiree and retiree is outliving their retirement funds. Identifying current and future financial requirements and issues is critical to developing a highly-balanced longevity plan. In fact, strategic investing and smart money management is the cornerstone of saving enough for a long, fulfilling and comfortable retirement.

Having the freedom to get from place to place on your own schedule is critical to staying connected to the community and loved ones. As your driving ability changes, incorporating multiple mobility options such as ride-sharing, community shuttle services, a private driver, or public transportation is a must-do for your longevity plan.

A thoughtful long-term care decision ensures that you will maintain your quality of life.  In the case that you are unable to perform everyday activities on your own, you want to feel confident that your health and personal necessities are taken care of.  

Most importantly, when constructed effectively, a solid long-term care plan gives you the ability to live as independently and safely as possible, while simultaneously lifting the financial and emotional burden from you and your loved ones.  Longevity Wealth will help you assess your long-term care risk, need for support and how to offset those costs (if required) with long-term care insurance, regular insurance, and/or possible government insurance programs.

While the end of life discussion may be extremely tough to have, everyone understands that our time here is finite, and it’s necessary to prepare yourself and your assets for transition. Before building a well-rounded estate planning strategy, it’s essential to have a full and detailed conversation. Longevity Wealth partners with reputable attorneys to assist you with covering the ins and outs of protecting assets, passing down inheritance, tax implications, charitable gifting, and long-term care, among other considerations. Estate planning is about taking control and putting plans into place to manage risks so that you and your assets are well-cared for. 

Planning and Preparation for Confidence in the Future

Our methodical and strategic approach to longevity planning aims to help you create a well-designed roadmap that will lead you to, and through, a meaningful and fulfilling post-career life full of the things that matter most to you. Our goal is to make you feel confident knowing we’ve walked you through the potential pitfalls and planned for the eventualities. With our guidance, you will feel confident and well-prepared for the constant evolution and challenges of retirement.


Longevity Wealth is committed to providing you with educational information and resources that will help you when starting to make important decisions for a sustainable and fulfilling retirement. 

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