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Navigating Life’s Many Housing Phases

Life’s continuous journey is full of twists and turns, and housing transitions come with their own set of unique opportunities and obstacles. Whether you are moving into your first starter home, downsizing after children have moved out, or moving closer to grandchildren in retirement, you may move many times throughout your life.

Especially as we age, decisions about where to live can become more complicated as we address competing needs and adapt to future possibilities. What was important to consider when looking for your first home may not be what you are focused on when thinking about your next stage in life. Proactive planning, with the support of experts who care, can ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared for any phase in your life.

The National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers® (NASMM) can help simplify any home transition by managing the complete process and guiding you or a loved one through the important considerations surrounding where to live. From small assistance like organizing what to keep versus donate, to modifying an existing home for future possibilities, managing your estate sale, and more, the association boasts positive differentiators that can make an immediate impact on your peace of mind.

I encourage you to plan proactively for where you’d like to live in the next chapters of life and lean on me to help you navigate potential changes. We can help you evaluate the impact of different moves on your financial plan and connect you with resources for support and guidance through life’s many stages.

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