One of our top priorities is strengthening your portfolio and making it resilient. We accomplish this through a well-defined personalized financial road map, employing an innovative wealth management platform, maximizing strategic partnerships and developing contingency plans.  The end goal is a fluid financial plan designed to help you get to your retirement objectives while also being flexible enough to withstand unexpected life changes and ever-changing market conditions.

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Stability with Your Personalized Plan

Your personal circumstance, retirement goals, investment preference and risk tolerance are all considered when designing a tailor-made financial plan.

Longevity Wealth seeks to understand your specific needs and craft a customized financial strategy that will bring focus and simplicity to what could be an overwhelming amount of data and decisions.

Innovative Wealth Management Platform

When choosing to work with Longevity Wealth, you have access to a robust and innovative digital wealth management system along with an expert portfolio management team that will offer a balanced, thoughtful and deliberate approach to your financial plan.

We help you to select and manage a diverse investment mix that will help you achieve your financial objectives.
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Strategic Partnerships

The implementation and success of your financial plan is grounded in our partnerships with reputable and recognized firms that bring industry-leading and client-focused support, infrastructure, service and investment resources.

  1. Golden State Equity Partners: We chose GSEP for their drive to innovate with exceptional values. Their platform of digital wealth management tools and expert asset management team is a necessary support network for strengthening your financial position. 
  2. Raymond James, Since opening its doors in 1962, our custodian, Raymond James has been a pioneer in financial planning. Over five decades later, they continue leading the way with client-first values that embrace long-term planning and methodical decision-making.  Essentially, they focus on what matters most: You.
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Our Business Continuity Promise

Life happens and unplanned situations can affect our business. Rest assured that we have contingency and emergency plans that allow us to continue delivering on our promise to prioritize your financial well-being.

You can feel confident knowing that we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure that your financial health and portfolio will be managed and stay on track.