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Stability with Your Personalized Plan:

Clients that choose to work with Longevity Wealth on a personalized plan have access to a robust software platform. The idea behind a custom plan is not to inundate our clients, but instead bring focus and simplicity to the overwhelming amount of data and decisions required in our lives.

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Stability through the Partners We Choose: 

Longevity Wealth understands and respects your choice in planners and advisors. Our prudent and guided approach seeks to provide reassurance and relief, especially in difficult markets and uncertain times.

  1. Golden State Equity Partners: We chose GSEP for their drive to innovate with exceptional values. Golden State’s infrastructure seeks to provide an extensive support network, thus encouraging greater independence within an inclusive proactive culture. 
  2. Raymond James, our custodian believes sophisticated advice is about more than just having a plan. Since opening its doors in 1962, our custodian Raymond James has been a pioneer in financial planning. Over five decades later, they continue leading the way with client-first values and advisor-centric culture. They have always been a different kind of financial services firm, embracing long-term planning, valuing methodical decision-making and remaining focused on what matters most: You.
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Stability through Our Emergency and Succession Plans:

It is important to not only plan for others but follow the same rules for ourselves.  We at Longevity Wealth have developed plans for emergencies due to death, disability, or other situations causing an office shut down.