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Our Story

Our Story

Longevity Wealth began its journey more than 30 years ago when its founder, Kelli Young, ChFC®, started helping clients in Washington and Oregon prepare for their long-term care needs. She worked for a firm which pioneered and developed a first-of-its-kind, standalone home healthcare insurance policy. Through the national sales of this progressive product, she experienced first-hand how they assisted many of her clients to stay in their home settings with dignity and comfort while simultaneously providing immense relief for the client and their families.

After 16 years, hundreds of thousands of miles driven, numerous kitchen table talks, and an incredible amount of insight to retirees’ hopes and dreams, Kelli was promoted to a position in corporate training where she proficiently trained financial planners on how to incorporate longevity planning into their practices. As a result of her success, she was quickly invited to revamp the entire training platform for incoming financial planners. 

Through her vast experiences, Kelli became acutely aware of the differences across insurance agents and financial planners. Those who were truly effective in helping their clients always based their work on trust, strong morals, and clear values. Impassioned by these foundational beliefs, she ventured into her own financial planning practice that included all areas of personal finance. Kelli is now a fiduciary with Longevity Wealth, where she can prioritize her clients’ interests and needs.

Those early years of countless client interactions amounted to a wealth of life stories and understanding of hopes for continued independence.  This has greatly impacted and shaped Longevity Wealth’s decision-making process and financial guidance for our clients. 

Our firm strives to guide and support our clients as their lives unfold, and we will continue to innovate and assist them in achieving their post-career goals and dreams. Longevity Wealth is excited to be your dedicated and trusted partner, helping to remove the guesswork and stress of long-term planning and allow you to feel confident throughout your retired life… wherever it may take you.

Live on and live well!